November 5, 2007

Some records fall.

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

By now we all already know that the Patriots beat the Colts yesterday, but what else happened amidst the tons of media coverage that surrounded the uber-match up?

Well, for the first time in my memory, two completely unrelated records were broken in the same game. The first, a record that can never be broken, literally, Antonio Cromartie of San Diego returned a missed field goal all the way from the back of his end-zone 109 yards for a TD. Since there’s no way to possibly have a longer play than 109 yards (110 would mean you were out of bounds) it looks like Cromartie will always have something to tell his kids and grand kids about.

Then, the shoe-in for Rookie of the Year Adrian Peterson did the incredible and ran for an outstanding, simply insane, 296 yards for the game. It broke Jamal Lewis’s previous record of 295. I’ve said before that Peterson’s success is a product of his line’s blocking but now, it’s safe to say I was wrong. His line is top notch, but AP has a load of talent.

What comes first in Philly: Kevin Kolb getting some significant time under centre or Andy Reid leaving town? They might be coming sooner rather than later. And how did Philly’s defense leave Terrell Owens of all people wide open on his quick slant touchdown? He should’ve been blanketed all game.

Hey wait, the Titans and Lions are both 6-2? You’re kidding me right? No wonder I’m under .500 in picks.

And finally, about the Pats and Colts game, how about the Pats actually showing respect to the Colts and not trying to run up the score? If the Pats want to do the whole “F*** you” to the league, they should’ve still tried to take it to the Colts. Kneeling down to end the game? Come on Bill. After what New England has been doing this season, taking the knee three times was an act of cowardice. Yes, I’m calling the Patriots chickens. And congrats to Joseph Addai for his 226 total yards, you’re keeping my fantasy team alive.

Last week: 6-6, with Pittsburgh tonight.
This season: 52-59-8

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