November 7, 2007

Free agency awaits…

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Most recently, the Gold Gloves were handed out yesterday but I don’t know how much you can really put into this award; they’re handed out on reputation mainly. The prime example is the fact that Greg Maddux won his 17th Gold Glove award. How much can you really judge a pitcher on besides his errors? A guy might make one spectacular, bare-handed grab a year unlike what middle-infielders have to do. Sure Maddux is probably one of the best fielding pitchers out there, but how about a little diversity? And by the way, the Rockies — a bunch of no-name players (before the World Series, when voting had ended) — didn’t have a single Gold Glover despite breaking the record for team fielding percentage.

Almost 140 players have already filed to become free agents on Nov. 13, many aren’t big names like A-Rod and such but many will fill holes around the league and provide much needed services. Nobody can actually talk money yet so that doesn’t leave much to ramble about. So what has happened since the Red Sox swept the Rockies?

Joe Torre has taken some of his boys with him to Los Angeles. It only seemed logical for Don Mattingly to leave the Yankees after being somewhat slighted by the hiring of Joe Girardi as the new manager. As for Larry Bowa, who cares? Now the Dodgers just have to put together a better line up than the 4th-in-the-NL-West one they had last year.

In somewhat related news, apparently A-Rod wanted a deal that would bring his total to about $350-million. The Yanks were not prepared to give him anything like that. I mean the guy is good, he could be considered one of the best ever, but that is a LOT of money. One rumour is that he may want to follow Torre to the city of Angels (and Dodgers).

Also from Yankee-land, Andy Pettitte declined his huge option for next season that would’ve been worth $16-million. He’s also said that he’s either going to retire or come back to the Yanks, he just hasn’t decided yet. Looks like he’s taking a page out of his buddy Roger Clemens’ play-book.

Paul Byrd’s going to be back in Cleveland next year the team has decided. This is amidst his confession of using HGH. It should clear up before next season or he could be suspended, either way he’s still a good guy for a third or fourth guy in the rotation.

Free agent Mike Cameron has been suspended for the first 25 games of next season after he signs on somewhere. He does have some talent but he is a bit troubled with the whole substance abuse problem thing.

And finally, where will Barry Bonds sign? The career home run leader will land somewhere, right? He’s got to despite the fact he’s 43. Filling him into the line up at DH could be a good move for some AL clubs and being a part time outfielder could even seem feasible at the right price. As long as he doesn’t get too greedy, he’ll find a place to play.

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