November 7, 2007

News from the nobody cares league

by Dan Bilicki In: Ice Hockey

The Ottawa Senators kicked the crap out of their ridiculously bad rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs last night. Did anyone outside of Canada know this or watch this? Probably not. Anyways, with the 5-1 win, the Senators have now beaten Detroit’s previous record of 12-1-1 to start a season. So how much play did the Sens having the best start to an NHL season ever on a sports news site like It was the sixth story in the sidebar right after it happened and didn’t even grab the headline of the NHL page itself. had no mention of it at all and they routinely play up NHL stories more than its counterpart in Bristol, Connecticut. The Sporting News’ site had the story linked to from their front page, but said it was just a franchise-mark.

As for a Canadian sports news website, SLAM! Sports had the story on its front page as soon as the game ended, but didn’t even mention the mark that was set.

So if Canadian sports writers don’t know these sorts of things and American news sources won’t play up semi-significant stories, is it safe to say that nobody cares about the NHL? I think so.

No Body Cares.

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