November 8, 2007

Yesterday’s news tomorrow! and more!

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

A few things of note were talked about at the GM meetings in Orlando this week. The big one was the 25-5 vote in favour of allowing video replays to determine if some questionable hits are home runs. An umpire can will now be able to check a video screen to see if a potential home run ball was fair or foul, if it cleared the fence or bounced off the top (which would make it still in play) or if a fan interfered with it.

I like this step forward and embracing of technology but I bet the purists rant about this incessantly for a while.

Also at the meetings, the big name being floated around in trade discussions is the Marlins 3B Miguel Cabrera. Hey aren’t the Yankees looking for a third baseman? This could be a dream come true for a Yankees team that’s already suffered a hard offseason… and free agency hasn’t even started yet. The Bronx Bombers apparently aren’t willing to part with some of their talented young arms, Joba, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy mainly, which might put them out of the bidding for Miggy.

The White Sox are also peddling Joe Crede, but he’s coming off back surgery and generally bad season in which he lost his job to rookie Josh Fields. One of the two will have to be dealt since Either Paul Konerko or Jim Thome will be at DH and first base. Chicago GM Kenny Williams says there’s interest in both of them, but why would he say there isn’t?

Roger Clemens might actually retire for real this time. He’s signed on as a consultant for the Houston Astros. It looks like he’s found a way to make money for the time he waits before actually signing on to pitch. What could he possibly need all this cash for? Does he want to rule the world or something?

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