November 9, 2007

A Pats-terisk?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Don Shula, who coached the only undefeated in NFL history, brought up a good point this week in regards to a possible undefeated season for the Patriots: There should be an asterisk beside it because they cheated. Why not? It seems fair to me. They were caught cheating and in all fairness, should have been forced to forfeit the game. There was no misunderstanding of a rule. It’s very cut and dry. No videotaping the opposing team’s sidelines. Barry Bonds was never actually caught cheating yet everyone thinks he deserves an asterisk; why should Belichick and the Patriots be spared that fate?

As for this week’s picks:

Jaguars (+4.5) over TITANS

Yes, I realize the Titans are good — surprisingly good — but these Jaguars finally have my vote of confidence, even if we’re still unsure if David Garrard or Quinn Gray is starting.

CHIEFS (-3) over Broncos

Larry Johnson may be sitting this one out which gives Priest Holmes the perfect opportunity to prove he can still play. Jay Cutler nearly broke his leg in last week’s horrific loss to Detroit which means that Patrick Ramsey looks like he’ll start if Cutler’s still ailing. Either way, the Broncos QB is going to get beat up by the Chiefs Defense.

DOLPHINS (+3) over Bills

If the Dolphins are going to win a game this season, you’d have to figure it would be against J.P. Losman.

STEELERS (-9.5) over Browns

After the smack-down that the Steelers laid on Monday night, how could you not take them here. They’ve looked absolutely unstoppable against their division rivals. But, if this game were in Cleveland, I would probably go the other way.

SAINTS (-11.5) over Rams

The Rams might actually surprise a few people and cover this line. The line moving downwards indicates that St. Louis has been favoured by the betting public. But, these Saints are back on track.

PANTHERS (-4) over Falcons

Both of these teams look bad, especially at quarterback. Who would’ve thought that at some point this season, Byron Leftwich, David Carr, Vinny Testaverde and Joey Harrington would be heavily involved in a game? The Panthers still have Steve Smith and they’re at home; that’s good enough for me.

REDSKINS (-3) over Eagles

So apparently Andy Reid’s called out Donovan McNabb, telling him to step up his play. These guys should have a race out of Philly. The only exciting player left in the City of Brotherly Love is Brian Westbrook and if I were him, I’d want some more money to keep stay on this sinking ship. Maybe Philly should go into all-out rebuilding mode and trade Westbrook to the Packers for some picks and possibly a prospect. Would that not make Green Bay the over-the-top team in the NFC if they could actually run the ball? Oh, the Redskins will kill the Eagles this week.

PACKERS (-6) over Vikings

The last time that Adrian Peterson had a huge game, he faltered the next two weeks in a row gaining only 113 yards total after getting 200. Against this surprisingly strong Packers team, I expect a weak follow up to his record-setting day.

RAVENS (-4.5) over Bengals

The Bengals dynamic receiving duo may be limited against the Ravens due to injuries but Cincy is getting Chris Henry back from suspension. It’s not going to help, even if it’s just reputation carrying the Ravens defence now.

Bears (-3) over RAIDERS

Raiders coach Lane Kiffin has already said that he’s going to be kicking to the supreme Devin Hester. Brian Urlacher basically said something along the lines of “Are you serious, this should be fun,” and I say the same thing. That decision alone made me pick the Bears.

Cowboys (-1) at GIANTS

Arguably, two the top three teams in the NFC will do battle at the Meadowlands this Sunday. The Cowboys beat the Giants back in week one and scored 45 points against them. This time around the Giants defense should be better prepared, but will it even matter? Tony Romo looked wonderful against Philly after signing his huge contract extension but then again, it doesn’t take much to look good against Philly this season.

Lions (+1) over CARDINALS

How the hell are the Lions an underdog after beating down Denver 44-7? I would’ve taken them against any NFC West team even if I was giving some points.

Colts (-3.5) over CHARGERS

The Colts are playing in their second huge game in consecutive weeks. I’m looking for them to be fired up after that close loss to New England. San Diego gave up that record-setting game to Peterson last week; will they be able to stop Joseph Addai this week?

SEAHAWKS (-10) over Niners

Well, at least the NFC West’s losing streak will come to an end. It’s a lot of points but I’m not sure the Niners can keep this remotely close. This could be the worst Monday Night Football game ever.

Last week: 7-6
This season: 53-59-8

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