November 13, 2007

Problems in Indy?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So is there something wrong with Peyton Manning, or is it just the lack of talent in Indianapolis due to a staggering amount of injuries? With two of his main targets (Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark) and another better than decent one (Anthony Gonzalez) out of action against the Chargers on Sunday, Manning threw six interceptions, the most of his career. But get this, he almost won the game. If not for Adam Vinatieri missing the easiest field goal of his career, the Colts would’ve won an improbably game that was one of the better contests of the season. If Peyton and Colts can barely lose a game with that amount of key injuries and unfortunate miscues, nobody can rule them out of the Championship running yet.

Well look at that; the Cowboys beat their division rival New York Giants quite handily. There should be no doubt that the Cowboys are the best team in the NFC and I wouldn’t be surprised if they go 15-1, which while impressive by itself, is even more considering the class of opponent they lost to. It’s also good to see that Tony Romo isn’t easing up after signing that big contract extension as well.

Super-rookie Adrian Peterson had a sub-par day, just as I predicted, against the Packers before tearing a ligament in his knee. After reading about how Peterson doesn’t look around him he’s running, instead opting to keep his eyes towards the end-zone, maybe now he’ll change his style to avoid tacklers and therefore injuries. He is lucky that it’s only his LCL and nothing major, although he will miss next week’s game, at the very least. The Packers also asserted their dominance with the huge win, but come on, Brooks Bollinger was starting at QB for Minnesota. The Pack are still second in the NFC, a ways behind Dallas in my books.

So apparently passing the ball works for Seattle; maybe they should’ve tried that after earlier. After finally realizing that their running game isn’t as good as they think it is, the Seahawks decided to go pass-heavier last night and in the process, beat down the 49ers. While it’s nice that they might get back on track now, it was just the Niners and should take the win with a grain of salt.

After Damon Huard was knocked around on Sunday by the Denver Broncos, Chiefs coach Herm Edwards has already decided that Brodie Croyal will start next week at QB. Can we all agree that nobody cares and move on?

In the race to 0-16, the Rams have done the unthinkable and won. It’s now up to Miami to keep the dream of a win-less season alive. Although, they don’t seem too enthused at the idea of it. They fell barely short of beating Buffalo in what was probably their last chance for an easy win this season. They do have the Jets coming up, but with Kellen Clemens at QB, they’re a good bet to win that week 13 match up.

I actually thought I still had a chance facing Big Ben in fantasy this week after seeing Cleveland up big after the first of their game; I was sadly mistaken. Big Ben and the Steelers caught fire and scored 22 second half points, then won on a missed 50-something yard field goal attempt with time expiring. What a game that was to watch.

And in what is can be considered both pathetic and good at the same time, the Bengals beat the Ravens 21-7, but did so by kicking seven field goals. How does such a potent offence not make it into the end-zone even once when they can make it into field goal range?

This Week: 5-8
This Season: 58-67-8

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