November 14, 2007

MLB awards

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

I like Major League Baseball’s style… Well, sort of. While it’s nice to have an award show where all the players and coaches can dress up, bring sexy dates and then after-party the night away, why not spread out the individual awards and soak up as much press as possible? Come to think of it, I’ve now realized after a quick head-count of the professional sports leagues that only the NHL, the weakest of them all, still throws a gala of sorts.

As for what has been awarded so far in baseball’s award season…

C.C. Sabathia finally beat Josh Beckett, too bad it wasn’t in the playoffs eh? If you’re looking around reading stories about the AL’s Cy Young award winner this year, you’re going to be seeing that lead A LOT. Cleveland’s ace but Boston’s clutch performer by a fair margin, picking up 119 points to Beckett’s 86. Sabathia also had 19 first place votes while Beckett only managed eight. The other first-place vote getter you might ask? None other than Anaheim’s John Lackey. You’ve gotta love those jackasses who show home-town pride and vote stupidly for these awards.

Sabathia and Beckett both had similar, great numbers but the deciding factor, I would think is that C.C. pitched a whopping 40 more innings than Josh. Maybe that’s why Boston was able to comeback against the Indians ace and start their ALCS roll this year…

In rookie of the year voting, Dustin Pedroia easily won the American League award but the NL’s race turned out to be the closest ever. Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun beat Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki by a mere two points, 128-126. Both Braun and Troy had great seasons and either had a great case for the award. Good thing nobody really cares about the rookies of the year, I mean, look how well Eric Hinske and Angel Berroa are doing now.

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