November 15, 2007

Here and there…

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Basketball, Football

The Colts have lost all-pro defensive end Dwight Freeney for the season. This is a huge blow for the defending Super Bowl Champions. The official diagnosis is a Lisfranc injury but most people would have to Wikipedia that to know what it is. Anyway, surgery to fix his foot will happen later this week or early next. This gives Denver Broncos cast-off Simeon Rice a chance to prove he can still play after signing on with the Colts this week. Freeney’s injury is quite damaging to the team’s repeat hopes. I’m not so sure about betting on them to take it all from here on out.

Former-CFLer Ricky Williams has been reinstated by the NFL and it’s looking like he may actually get some playing time with the Miami Dolphins. I would imagine he isn’t in game shape and will have to get back to an NFL-standard but any warm body could help this 0-9 disaster. Ronnie Brown being out for the year only helps Williams’ cause as well.

Stephon Marbury is missing from the Knicks lineup. Looks like he desparately wants to be bought out and leave town, maybe even the country, after Isiah Thomas told him he was going to cut his playing time. Starbury has said he would like to play in Italy but that buy-out is going to be a big one and who knows if the Knicks will be willing to do that. They could trade him but they would need to find a team that a) would want him to play there or b) buy him out. There’s also c) would Starbury want to be there? If he’s being this testy with the Knicks, who knows how he’d feel about other teams. Apparently he was back practicing last night, but how much has he damaged his report with the team and management?

A-Rod wants to come back to the Yankees? Are you serious? The first thought that comes to my mind is that Scott Boras, with many dollar signs in his eyes, thought of the huge commission he could make off of his favourite client if he signed a new $300 or so million deal instead of the pithy $252-million one he has right now. But if A-Rod really wanted to stay with the Yanks, why did he opt out of his deal and not even listen to New York’s offer before walking? By doing so, he even cost the Yanks several millions of dollars that would’ve come their way from Texas as a result of their trade. This whole situation is just another debacle in this already twisted baseball off-season.

And while nobody probably cares except their teams and families, Eric Wedge and Bob Melvin were named MLB managers of the year for leading the Cleveland Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks respectively. That about as much print I’d like to give that.


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