November 16, 2007

A huge day in the MLB

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

When the least intriguing new of the day is that a pitcher won the NL Cy Young unanimously, you know it was a heavy news day. So, to begin, let’s congratulate Jake Peavy for his earning his first Cy Young, probably of many. Now…

Barry Bonds was indicted yesterday! Bonds dared them to indict him all last year, even while chasing and then breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record and now it finally happened. Bonds has been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice sprouting from his testimony, to investigators and in front of the grand jury, that he has never knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs.

Wow, so where does this put his record now? He is innocent until proven guilty but it’s not like many people in the media and especially the fans are going to look at it that way. The U.S. government has been building their case for years now and you would have to expect that it’s strong enough to put away Bonds. Oh, and the extreme part of this whole thing is that Barry faces a 30-year prison sentence. That’s right, he would get out of jail after he’s turned 73.

How much of a shame is it for baseball and all its’ supporters that this has happened. Yet another black eye for a sport that’s just really started coming back around again.

On the much lighter side of the big news moves in the baseball world, Alex Rodriguez will be a Yankee next year after all. After screwing the team out of several millions of dollars spouting from the deal that sent him to the Bronx from Texas, he’s now agreed to stay in town for the next ten years, if he doesn’t negotiate any more opt-out clauses into his new deal that is.

The outline of the deal is reportedly worth $275-million US over ten years and also features a bonus if A-Rod breaks the career home run record while wearing the Yankees’ pinstripes.

Also, do you really think that A-Rod can last another 10 seasons in New York? He’s been ridden by the fans, the media and sometimes even teammates over the course of his stay so far, does he think that will change now that he’s pulled off this flip-flop? Only time will tell and it will be interesting to see what kind of clauses are written into this deal and if Scott Boras will even be around to cash in on it after A-Rod walked into the Yank’s office without him.

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