November 17, 2007

Week 11 picks

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

It was really nice to have a week with the Patriots doing their “We’re going to be dicks about everything because you called us cheaters when we did in fact cheat” routine. Too bad we’re back to the real world in which jerks apparently have the right to throw it in everyone’s faces that they are, in fact, jerks.

Chargers (+3) over JAGUARS

Well I know that the Chargers were a missed field goal away from losing last week against Indy, but I’m betting on LDT having a huge game here. The Jags still haven’t caught my eye as one of the good teams in the league despite their record. They’ll probably win just because I said that though.

Chiefs (+14.5) over COLTS

The Colts’ loss of Freeney and having to play another week without Harrison, Clark and Gonzalez will catch up to them this week. Despite the fact that they’re at home and the Chiefs will be without Larry Johnson, I don’t think that Indy can win by more than two touchdowns. Maybe by 14, but not more.

Raiders (+5.5) over VIKINGS

No Adrian Peterson, no game. The Raiders may be bad, but have you seen Brooks Bollinger?

Browns (-2.5) over RAVENS

Did anyone call the Browns as a sleeper this season? Can you even call them the sleeper of the season with Detroit playing and winning like they are? There is, shockingly, a possibility that with a lot of lucky breaks in the playoffs, we could see a Cleveland-Detroit Super Bowl. The winner in that game? Certainly not the viewing public.

Steelers (-9.5) over JETS

How is this line not higher? Are you serious? I would still be taking Pittsburgh if you bumped the line up to 13.5, maybe even higher. In fact, where’s my bookie’s number.

Bucs (-3) over FALCONS

The Sports Guy was right, someone can win the NFC south with a 7-9 record. The Bucs looked great until almost every running back they have on the depth chart went out. Jeff Garcia’s keeping them in there and the Falcons are atrocious.

Cards (+3) over BENGALS

Considering I have Ocho Cinco and Kurt Warner on my fantasy football team, I’m seriously hoping for a blow and not one of those seven-field-goals-by-Shayne-Graham games.

Dolphins (+10) over EAGLES

When is it too early to buy a Kevin Kolb jersey? Should I wait until after McNabb loses to the formerly-winless Dolphins, or wait. I think I’ll wait, just in case you know. At the very least, I don’t think the Eagles will cover 10 points.

Patriots (-16) over BILLS

Dear Bill Belichick, you are everything that’s wrong with sports (spitting sound)…

COWBOYS (-10.5) at Redskins

I think the ‘skins can play God’s team close, but missing Sean Taylor in their secondary is seriously going to hurt them. This is Romo’s game to lose (a la Buffalo) in my eyes.

TEXANS (-1) over Saints

Reggie Bush vs. Mario Williams eh? Has the media been alerted to this? Are we sure? I haven’t seen or heard anything yet… (rolls eyes).

PACKERS (-10) over Panthers

Would Vinny vs. Favre be the oldest match up of quarterbacks ever? It has to be very high on that list. Also, now that the Packers seemingly have a running-game, I’m a little worried for my Cowboys now. Their upcoming match-up is shaping up to be a game to decide home-field advantage in the NFC Championship.

LIONS (+3) over Giants

So the team that had a NFL-record minus 18 yards rushing is going up against one of the best front-fours in the league this week? I want in! Yes, that may sound dumb considering I’m taking the Lions, but I’m really routing for a Kitna-Anderson Super Bowl now.

Rams (-3) over NINERS

What an ugly game this is.

SEAHAWKS (-6) over Bears

I’ve always liked the Seahawks at home and always will. That stadium is fantastic.

Titans (+2) over BRONCOS

What was I thinking picking the Broncos to win it all? Ugh, I feel sick a little. And how many night games can Denver play in one season? It seems that they’re playing on either Sunday Night or Monday Night Football every week.

Last week: 5-8
This Season: 58-67-8

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