November 23, 2007

A happy Thanksgiving to football fans

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Every fan who wanted to see some good, one-sided football must’ve been thankful for yesterday’s first two match ups. Starting the day off was old-man Favre and the youngest team in the NFL lighting up Ford Field in Detroit, beating the Lions 37-26. Brett also showed, once again, that this season he’s not going to be heaving the ball wherever he wants. Favre completed 20 pass attempts in a row at one point and picked up his seventh 300-yard game of the season.

In Big D, God’s team trounced the lowly Jets 34-3 and set up next Thursday’s match up of the two one-loss teams in the NFC (Green Bay in Dallas). Kellen Clemens even did his best Chad Pennington weak-arm impression by floating a pass to a receiver running a hook pattern. Needless to say Terrence Newman easily picked the ball and returned it for an easy touchdown.

Then in Atlanta, the Joey Harrington-led (yes, that felt weird to write because really, has Joey Harrington actually led a team before?) jumped out to a surprising 10-0 lead over the Indianapolis Colts. The joy that Falcons fans may have felt didn’t last for long though. Peyton and Co. rallied to take the game 31-13. Good try though Joey.

As for next week’s de-facto NFC Championship match up, let’s just look at it this way: The Cowboys’ loss came at home at the hands of the New England Patriots, who’ve beaten all comers so far, while the Packers lost at home to the Chicago Bears. On that fact alone would you not take the Cowboys?

Also, can we call this the game of the year? I think I will. You have to consider that any contest involving the Patriots should be ruled out considering that all games should involve sportsmanship, something that Bill Belichick and the Pats egregiously lack. So, game of the year! Packers — Cowboys! Nov. 29! Watch it!

So far this week: 2-0-0
This season 69-71-9

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