November 26, 2007


by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So where was running up the score and saying “F you!” to the league last night? When Brady got down on his knee to run the clock and end the game it was more symbolic than any Patriots fan will realize and hey, they nearly lost at home to AJ Feeley and an under-.500 Eagles team. As for those Eagles, if McNabb isn’t 100% next week, I’d go with starting Feeley again.

How disappointed is Eli Manning right now? Playing against the Vikings at home with his big brother Peyton watching, Elisha tosses an astounding four interceptions into the waiting hands of Minnesota defenders.

Kicking to Devin Hester is a bad idea. Why any team would kick the ball to him is beyond reason after his two big returns against Denver yesterday.

LaDainian Tomlinson hit the 10k mark in his 106th game to make him the fourth fastest running-back to get that many yards, tying him with Emmitt Smith. If LDT can stay healthy and keep getting his touches, it’s very feasible that he could retire as the all-time rushing king.

Ocho Cinco was back to his normal self in more ways than one yesterday. He caught 12 passes for over 100 yards and scored three touchdowns. He also celebrated in his old fashion as well, taking over a television camera on the sideline and having some fun. It’s good to see old C.J. back.

The Bay Area teams snapped some nasty streaks yesterday. The Niners won for the first time in nine tries while across the Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland defeated an AFC West division rival to end a 13-game streak. The Niners defeated the Cardinals in a back-and-forth game that went to overtime. The Raiders took down the Chiefs who were sans Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes. K.C. did get a surprisingly good effort of rookie Kolby Smith but ultimately fell short.

And, in tragic news, Redskins star safety Sean Taylor was shot late in the night. Reports are that he was shot in the leg and the bullet severed a major artery. He is currently in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida. Taylor is a great player and a hard-hitting key to Washington’s defence, he will be missed on the field but here’s to hoping for a full recovery.

This week: 11-2-0 with Pittsburgh (-16) tonight
This season: 78-73-9 (Woohoo! Over .500!)

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  1. Nothing new with the Niners, just yet another weak game. This is a team with a good motiviator at head coach but cannot translate that to execute on the field.

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