November 27, 2007

What the muck?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I’ll tell you this much: had I known that the weather and conditions in Pittsburgh would’ve been as bad as they were, I would never have picked them to cover a 16-point spread. But that’s what you get for selecting games days in advance.

An amazing thing did happen though, the game went deep into the fourth quarter scoreless. Thanks largely in part to both team’s kickers not being able to get attempts anywhere near the uprights or even end-zone for that matter. How two professional teams can fail to get even close to each other’s ends is spectacular. It took until 20 seconds remained in the fourth when Jeff Reed managed to put a short field goal through to give the Steelers a 3-0 victory. I’ll be in awe over that score line for at least a week.

Last night’s game was outstandingly quick as well. With both teams running the ball, getting sacked and completing a lot of short passes, the first half took roughly an hour while the second wasn’t much longer. I was lamenting having to wait for the game to end after it was delayed by the “dangerous weather” but it ended at a remarkably early time.

And how about Ricky Williams’ return? In his first game back from a 19-month suspension he didn’t play too badly, especially considering the conditions. Yeah, sure he played in the CFL last year for the Toronto Argonauts, but we all know that doesn’t count as football. He gained 15 yards on six carries but lost a fumble in the awfully muddy conditions before leaving the game with a shoulder injury.

This week: 11-4-0
This season: 78-75-9

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