November 28, 2007

R.I.P. Sean Taylor

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Tragically, after being shot in the leg late Monday night, Sean Taylor died in hospital yesterday. Taylor, 24, known for having been linked to questionable conduct off the field and hard-hitting play on it, had been at shot in his Florida house after an apparent home-invasion. The bullet that hit Taylor in the leg severed an artery and caused him to loss a significant amount of blood. He had flat-lined twice before finally giving out.

I’ll remember him most for pestering me in Madden twice a season with the Redskins, virtually taking away half the field and causing a few too many fumbles when my running-back makes it through the first two levels to him.

Taylor, who has an 18-month old daughter, will be missed by all both on and off the field.

In comparably brighter news…

Apparently Simeon Rice wasn’t the answer to Indy’s question of “who will replace Dwight Freeney?” Rice, who was brought in after being released by Tampa and Freeney was lost for the season, has been released again. If it’s not horribly apparent that you’ve lost a step or two after being released the first time in a season, you should damn well know it after the second cutting. Might be time to hit the gym and get a little bigger, tougher, faster and stronger for Rice or starting thinking about hanging up his cleats and looking for a coaching or broadcasting gig.

While not everyone in America will be able to watch the Game of Year-calibre match up of the Cowboys and Packers tomorrow night, every one in Canada with TSN will be able to watch it. While the game is on the NFL network in the States, Canadians get to watch it without having to fork over the ridiculous price that the Network is demanding for it’s programing. TSN, the Canadian affiliate of ESPN, gets to broadcast a game that ESPN doesn’t? How is this making sense? All games, especially ones of this calibre and in prime time. should be broadcast on network television that’s accessible to the masses. But then again, this is the NFL we’re talking about; the best run sports league in North America if not the world. Who am I to question their business?

As for who will win the big match up? Come back tomorrow.

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