December 3, 2007

Sean Taylor greatly missed

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

In perhaps the most oddest, sad and fitting turn of events in the Bills-Redskins game, the first game for Washington after the murder of Sean Taylor, the ’skins D lined up for their first play with only 10 men on the field. In fact, the only position not accounted for was Taylor’s free safety spot. It was a touching moment since it was planned but then again, Bills running-back Fred Jackson did run for 22 yards. Reed Doughty, the Redskin’s new starting safety came in on the next play and made a tackle.

The end of the game was quite wacky as well. With seconds left on the clock, the Bills lined up for a field goal attempt that was put through by Rian Lindell. But, of course, Washington coach Joe Gibbs called time out at the last second. Lindell lined up again, put it through, but again Gibbs had called timeout, which is actually against the rules. The ball was moved up 15 yards for a 36-yard attempt and yet again, Rian Lindell put it through, winning the game 17-16 for the Bills.

The Colts showed the Jaguars how it’s done, beating their division rival 28-25 to take a two-game lead in the AFC South. Manning was great despite the continued absence of his number one target Marvin Harrison. He even connected on four TD passes in the victory. When Harrison does return, this team will be an absolute force. Also, like I said, David Garrard’s interception-less streak came to an end in the loss.

In further reverse-jinx news, after bringing up that Carolina hasn’t won at home in like a year, they toppled the awful 49ers. Is there anybody left on the “Niners are going to be good this season” band wagon? If there is, they probably just fell asleep while watching the team play.

The Dolphins are still winless. Are you surprised? If I was on that “underdog” Jets team I would’ve been fired up by having experts giving me point against a winless team, regardless if Miami was at home. And do they give away paper bags for the ‘Fins fans at the gates or did everyone just bring their own?

Adrian Peterson’s back and he’s at his best too. The rookie of the year in waiting scored twice in the Vikings blow out of Lions. What happened to Kitna’s crew? Have they just regressed to Detroit standards or has Mike Martz’s offence been figured out?

I told you A.J. Feeley wasn’t the answer… Maybe Kevin Kolb is…

Is there something wrong with Big Ben? It seemed like every time he threw last night the receivers needed to jump to haul in the passes. It didn’t seem to matter though as the Steelers trumped the Bengals.

And finally, LDT is showing why he was the consensus number one fantasy pick at the beginning of the year. It’s too bad the Chargers can’t play the Chiefs every week of the season. San Diego is now at the top of the AFC west but who really thinks these guys will win a single game in the playoffs? I certainly don’t.

This Week: 8-6 (With the Patriots tonight)
This Season: 86-81-9

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