December 4, 2007


by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Well that was close, but you could tell as soon as the Patriots got the ball back after the Ravens went up that New England would pull out a win. In fact, I wrote that sentence with six minutes left in the game and Brady driving down by four.

It seems like either New England’s been figured out by two vastly inferior teams two weeks in a row or something’s wrong. It is looking very much like they are beatable now. I’m also not so certain about betting on them and those huge lines they’re giving every week any more.

And what a finish. Everyone will be talking about how the Pats two-minute drill went down for at least a week. Let’s hope Pittsburgh was watching and taking notes.

Ugh, I feel almost sick writing about this game. In my mind it’s a shame it ended how it did. I’d be a lot more up for the entire turn of events if Boller throws the ball three yards further or his receiver twists into the end-zone instead of being tackled. It would also be fun to have an all-caps “PATRIOTS LOSE!” head-line.

Lastly, props to Willis McGahee on his huge game. I’ve long been a Willis supporter and it makes me proud to say so after having such a good game.

This week: 8-7
This season: 86-82-9

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