December 6, 2007

Too soon, too soon.

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Are the Redskins and Bears really playing today? These Thursday night games are going to start getting preposterous. With what the Redskins went through the over the past week or so with Sean Taylor’s murder then funeral and losing that close game with the Bills, there’s no way they can be up for this tilt.

Bears (+3) over REDSKINS

It’s become fairly apparent that Joe Gibbs doesn’t really know what he’s doing any more as evidenced by his two time outs in row call that ultimately lost the game for his team. If he’s that bad at coaching, are we right to assume he’ll kick the ball right at Devin Hester?

As for Hester, when he was on offence against Buffalo on Sunday, he got the ball twice and came out with a total of minus-three yards. Looks like his abilities are just on special teams.

And I don’t think too many people will be clamouring over not having the NFL network for this tilt.

Last week: 8-7
This Season: 86-81-9

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