December 6, 2007

Where the flu happens

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Poor Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum, two of the Lakers core guys this season, are both suffering from the flu. Now, while the average man would call in sick for work (like Bynum did, getting IVs at a hospital instead of playing at Minnesota) Kobe Bryant led his team to victory. Who said this guy isn’t dedicated to Los Angeles? After seeing something like that happen, I’m very confident I’ll be seeing him play when he visits in February.

Poor Stephon Marbury. Surrounded by controversy more often than not, he now has to deal with the death of his father. The senior Marbury even died during a Knicks game while his son was on the court, then Stephon was not informed of his death until after the game. I would think you’d have to tell a guy if something like that happened no matter when it did. Also, the Knicks are hoping Starbury’s still going to be in their line up tonight. How about a little down time for mourning?

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