December 7, 2007

Collins saves the ’skins

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

After watching Jason Campbell getting carted off the field with a leg injury, the ball was put in the hands of Todd Collins. Campbell was hit when he got a pass off and his knee buckled awkwardly under the pressure of the three defenders hitting him. It looked like the type of injury that could ruin a season and it was. After having his leg examined, it’s been reported that he dislocated his patella. It isn’t incredibly serious, but would the Skins really want to rush him back when they have little to no shot at the playoffs? I wouldn’t.

Campbell had previously come out of the game after getting hit in the arm by a defender’s helmet while being driven out of bounds as well.

Apparently, Washington were also playing without having held a full practice before the game as well, putting them at a significant disadvantage. Coupled with the funeral of Sean Taylor, this was an improbably win in my eyes.

Oh, and Rex Grossman was injured as well but it doesn’t really matter who’s quarterbacking the Bears. He and Brian Griese leave a lot to be desired behind center.

This week: 0-1
Last week: 8-7
This season: 86-82-9

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