December 8, 2007

The stretch run

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

These December games are the ones that truly matter. The ones that seperate the pretenders from the contenders. The ones that can push a team over the top and into the playoffs and ones that can ruin seasons. This is the best kind of football. Not the games when it’s still t-shirt weather, these are the games that the true fans and players suffer through. This IS football (except if you’re watching Miami play, who even knows what they’re doing any more.)

Cowboys (-10.5) at LIONS

Without Roy Williams (Lions WR) in Detroit’s lineup, we, the public are being deprieved of a possible crippling hit by Roy Williams (Cowboys safety) on Roy Williams (Lions WR). The Lions are free falling right now and have no running game. But I still remember Detroit beating Dallas last year which makes me fret slightly. But on slightly.

BILLS (-7) over Dolphins

The Dolphins are not beating Trent Edwards at home. This guy is only getting better week by week.

Giants (+2.5) over EAGLES

I know I’m picking Elisha Manning on the road but I firmly believe that McNabb has a better chance of being booed off the field then the Giants’ QB.

Panthers (+10.5) over JAGUARS

If the Panthers weren’t sandwiched in between the Colts and the Steelers on Jacksonville’s schedule, I would take the Jags.

Chargers (pick) over TITANS

Still don’t like this Titan team and still think Vince Young is due for an injury.

BENGALS (-7) over Rams

Brook Berlin may get some playing time for St. Louis at quarterback. Is that not enough for you? It is for me and this game is featuring two teams of fantasy wash-ups.

Raiders (+10.5) over PACKERS

Favre’s going to be playing in a bit of pain and the cold of Lambeau isn’t really going to help. The Pack should win but the Raiders should cover.

PATRIOTS (-10.5) over Steelers

I think that after that thrilling win over Baltimore (who basically just kept on shooting themselves in the feet at the end) that the Pats will come out big at home knowing the can relax the next two weeks with the Jets and Dolphins on the schedule.

Bucs (-3) over TEXANS

These Buccaneers just plan win. They probably won’t when they face the Vikings in the playoffs but this week they will.

Cardinals (+7) over SEAHAWKS

I really need Kurt Warner to play his heart out this week for my fantasy team. And even though Seattle is really tough to play at, seven points feels like too much.

Vikings (-8.5) over NINERS

The 49ers are awful and the Vikings are peaking at the perfect time.

Browns (-3.5) over JETS

The Jets are all proud of themselves after pounding the Dolphins; the Browns are upset after a tough loss on a tough call to end last week’s game. Can you really see the Jets coming out on top in this one?

BRONCOS (-6.5) over Chiefs

With Brandon Stokley and Javon Walker coming back this week, Jay Cutler may actually be able to elevate his game. The Chiefs are still down Larry Johnson but I must say that Kolby Smith is doing better than I expected. There’s still Brodie Croyle on the road though…

Colts (-9) over RAVENS

Every one’s going to think the Ravens are better than they truly are after challenging New England last week. This will be a huge letdown for any expecting that kind of Raven effort again.

FALCONS (+4) over Saints

How Atlanta gets two Monday Night Football games at home in one season I just don’t know. It had to have been something to do with schedules being made before arraignments being made on star quarterbacks. Since Reggie Bush isn’t likely to play in this one, it’s hard to take this year’s Saints, even if the Falcons suck out loud.

This week: 0-1
Last week: 8-7
This season: 86-82-9

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