December 10, 2007

What happened?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Remember those Ravens who nearly beat the still-undefeated Patriots last week? Well they’re nowhere near as good as people might have thought they were. Going into half-time against the Colts, Indianapolis was up 37-7 and had allowed only 8 yards passing. When the playoffs come around and the Pats and Colts have their rematch, it’s going to be one hell of a game.

Also, I’ve come to grips with the fact that New England is more than likely to go 16-0 this season. Anything more than that I’m not sure about though.

The headline on should say enough about why the Dolphins are still without a victory. “Winless Dolphins make Bills look like juggernaut.”

In wrapping-up-division-title news, the Packers and Seahawks both earned their playoff tickets with convincing wins yesterday. Green Bay blasted Oakland while downed rival Arizona 42-21. If the Seahawks keep on playing like they are, they could be a hard match-up when the games matter most.

The Cowboys sealed a great comeback win when Jason Witten scored with 18 seconds left against Detroit. These Lions are in serious free-fall mode. At least Detroit natives have the Red Wings to watch and a great season of Tigers baseball coming up.

Brooks Berlin lost in his first NFL start. Are you surprised? I’m sure not.

The Chargers are really starting to come around and play some good football. They got gutsy efforts from Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates in their overtime victory over Tennessee. If the Broncos had lost instead of absolutely crushing Kansas City and the weak Brodie Croyle, the Chargers would’ve clinched the not-so-hot AFC West.

Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor are one of, if not the best two-headed running-back combo in the world. The only other combo I’d consider is Dallas’ Marion Barber-Julius Jones pairing but I’d rather have either Viking than Jones.

This week: 9-5 (With Atlanta +4 tonight)
This season: 95-87-9

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