December 11, 2007

A delicious coincidence

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

How appropriate is it that on the same day that Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, his former team was on national television for Monday Night Football against the Saints? A cruel twist of irony in my eyes.

And how about the two players (DeAngelo Hall and Roddy White) who actually made tributes to their former teammate? Hall had MV7 written on the shade underneath his eye while White had written “Free Mike Vick” on his undershirt and exposed it during a celebration. While it’s nice that they’re supporting a comrade who has fallen on hard times, I think that’s a little much.

You can tell just how well your season is going when Chris Redman is making his first start since 2002 at quarterback for your team. Poor Falcons fans.

The Saints did play a lot better than I expected but maybe losing Reggie Bush (reports say for the season) helped them. By forcing them to concentrate on passing the ball, they looked strong. Not as strong as last season’s incredible offence but strong none-the-less. But then again, they were facing Atlanta.

I really can’t believe I picked Atlanta in this one. Maybe if I had known about the Vick schedule and paid some attention to the outside factors, I would’ve gotten this one right.

Also, facing a fantasy team in next week’s playoff match up that feature Terrell Owens vs. Philadelphia and Randy Moss facing the Jets has already got me thinking about clearing my proverbial locker.

This week: 9-6
This season: 95-88-9

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