December 11, 2007

Courtroom dramas

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball, Football

Mike Vick gets sentenced. 23 months seems like a lot to me. While I have taken turns arguing for and against Vick in various conversations, I still feel a bit bad for how fast and hard he’s fallen from grace.

Pundits are no saying that had Vick accepted more responsibility for his actions and kept his indiscretions to a minimum, his sentence could’ve been far less and in the range of 12-to-18 months. Now that I would’ve agreed with.

It’s a shame such a gifted athlete and revolutionary quarterback will probably never get the opportunity to play again… Expect in his prison’s league that is.

Barry Bonds waits a year for trial? There is some reports speculating that Bonds, after entering a plea of not guilty of his charges, could only be going in front of a judge after the 2008 baseball season.

Now he could potentially sign a one-year deal somewhere and play, but who would want the media circus that will follow him now? And what will be buzzing around in his rather large head? It’s never been riskier to take a chance on the home run king and I can’t see a single team tendering him an offer.

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