December 13, 2007

Petrino "cowardly" bails

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

What a week for the Falcons. First their former superstar QB gets sentenced to a stiff 23-month jail term; then they get embarrassed on Monday Night Football later in the day; then, to top it all off, their coach straight up quits — in the middle of the season no less. Bobby Petrino resigned as coach of the Atlanta Falcons and didn’t even make it through one of the five seasons he was signed on for. What a bust that move was. Can the Falcons really get lower than this point? I mean they’re starting Chris Redman at quarterback because Joey “the boy” Harrington isn’t healthy enough to play. This team needs a serious overall and a good coach to help them get back on their feet. The decision of who’ll be head coaching the team next is going to be one that will carry the weight of the next four or five years in Atlanta. If they *muck* that one up, they could be toast for a decade. At least Michael Vick could be reinstated by then.

As for tonight’s game…

Both teams need this win but I’m becoming less and less sold on the Texans every week. With Denver finally getting healthy, it’s not so scary betting on them on this one. And can we please keep football on Sundays and one Monday game please? This Thursday and Saturday mumbo jumbo has no place in my heart. Excluding Thanksgiving day games that is (which there should only be two of by the way).

Broncos (pick ‘em) over TEXANS

Last week: 9-6 (and an amazing 15-1 without the spread!)
This season: 95-88-9

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