December 17, 2007

Fins win!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Who would’ve ever thought a guy named Greg Camarillo would save the Dolphins from achieving the most shameful mark in sports? Dolphins fans and the entire city of Miami must be overjoyed after their team finally notched their first win of the season. And how bad must everyone who routes for Baltimore feel right now? This loss is their eighth in a row and was one the should’ve and could’ve won. Now, will the Dolphins win another game this season? There’s no hope in New England next week but a win in week 17 against Cincinnati isn’t out of the question.

Speaking of the New England Cheaters, they failed horribly in their attempt to embarrass the Jets yesterday. After pointing out that the Pats were cheating in their week two game this season, Belichick has been on a rampage trying to say “F*** you” to the league and every the team they play. Only winning by ten against an inferior opponent that you allegedly hate with a passion doesn’t look to good on you. Now that this is done with, how much could the Miami at New England line be next week? My money’s on NE giving 30.

I’m blaming the Cowboys’ loss not on Tony Romo but on Jessica Simpson. Apparently, when Tony Romo was dating Carrie Underwood last year, she attended a game in Dallas against Philadelphia and Romo had his worst game of his career. Well, until yesterday when he posted a 22.2 QB rating. Do not bring your girlfriend to a game ever again Tony. Please.

How about the conditions in Cleveland for their game against Buffalo? That was the worst snow during an NFL game I can remember since the “Tuck Rule” game in New England for the AFC championship in 2002. I’m not even that surprised that final score was in single-digits. If I had the option (and didn’t sleep in) I would’ve bet the farm on the under for that game.

The elements had a hand in the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game as well. But you would think that would favour the tough-as-nails Steelers right? Not when Big Ben is playing banged up at least. It’s actually possible the Steelers may not even win their division after being touted as one of the top-5 teams in the league earlier this year. And would anyone want to face the Jags in the playoffs? They’re scary good.

Brett Favre is now the greatest QB in NFL history. How much can you argue after he passed Dan Marino for the career record in passing yards. He already holds the record for passing touchdowns and has won the Super Bowl, what else is left for Brett? Well, since the Packers clinched a first-round bye with their win over St. Louis, an NFC title game appearance isn’t unreasonable at all.

This week: 4-10 (With Minnesota -9 tonight)
This season: 99-98-9

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  1. You must gotta be joking me about the Pats even thinking regarding a Randy Moss trade. Would abandon Tom Brady without any tools on offense.

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