December 20, 2007

More tough luck for Atlanta

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the Atlanta Falcons, it did. After it was reported on Tuesday that future hall-of-fame coach Bill Parcells was going to sign on to run the lowly Falcons in a VP role, taking over all the football aspects of the organization (and then probably retiring three years in) he blew them off for the even-worse Dolphins, who just picked up their first win of the season. How this makes any sense after retiring from the Cowboys last year? Nobody except the Big Tuna can tell you. But I hope you’re looking forward to a plethora of headlines using the words Big Tuna and some combination of fish, fins, Dolphins of any other marine terms.

As for tonight’s game:

After being battered and bruised in their game against the Jaguars on Sunday, I wouldn’t be too inclined to pick the Steelers in this one except for the fact that they’re facing the lowly Rams. You also have to factor in that Pittsburgh could potentially lose their division to the Browns now and actually have to fight for a better position in the playoffs to avoid a second-round meeting in Foxboro. Then again, home underdogs have been doing well recently. It’s tough to go against a good team like Pittsburgh but they’re a little too banged up for my liking.

RAMS (+7.5) over Steelers

Last week: 5-10
This season: 100-98-9

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