December 23, 2007

Fantasy fall out

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

What a debacle.

Is there anything worse than having to root against your favourite team? It has to be one of the worst parts of playing fantasy football, especially at this time of year where your fantasy team is in the playoffs and your NFL squad is fighting for a spot or position. Last night’s Dallas-Carolina tilt was the first time I’ve truly had to deal with the possible scenario of routing for the ‘Boys not to score. You see, my opponents happened to be the number one ranked team in the league and were standing between me and a date with the finals. This week, he decided to start Tony Romo, Patrick Crayton, Nick Folk and Dallas defence & special teams. While it surely could’ve been worse, I was happy with the outcomes of the night (Dallas wins 20-13, Whitefish only down 11 with entire lineup playing Sunday).

And also, I’m glad that T.O. will have plenty of time to rest his high ankle sprain before playing a meaningful game any time soon.

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