December 28, 2007

The battle for mediocrity

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

There was no possible way this week that I could rest my starters for the playoffs with a record like the one I’m sporting. I need to get ten games right this week to hit the .500 mark but that’s without figuring in ties to the equation. As if I’d do the math on that; I got into writing for a reason. Although it is strange that numbers and equations still do play a huge part of my life in sports. As for the picks, let’s hope I’m clutch this time around.

Patriots (-13.5) over GIANTS

With the entire world seemingly watching, the Patriots will finish the season with a convincing win over the Giants. It doesn’t even matter if New York plays its’ starters, Tom and Co. will be playing too, trying to get him the passing TD record as well as make it to 16-0

Bills (+7.5) over EAGLES

How about now? Can we see Kevin Kolb now? Please? For a quarter at least?

BUCS (+2) over Panthers (-2)

The Bucs have nothing to gain but resting their starters and semi-injured guys doesn’t mean that Matt Moore will pick them apart.

Bengals (-3) over DOLPHINS

Here’s to hoping that Ocho Cinco comes through for me in my fantasy title game.

Cowboys (+9) at REDSKINS

The Redskins are fighting for the last NFC playoff spot and Dallas will be in full-on rest mode but you have to figure in the fierce rivalry between these two teams will keep it competitive.

PACKERS (-4) over Lions

Aaron Rodgers proved he wasn’t that bad when he stepped in against Dallas a few Thursdays ago. The Lions are no Cowboys.

Jaguars (-6.5) over TEXANS

Another case of a team resting their players and the line only semi-reflects that. Surprisingly, I have confidence in Quinn Gray and the Jags second-stringers.

Saints (-2) over BEARS

With the playoffs on the line, I would think the Saints would be favoured by a bit more. More importantly, how many of the three current Bears QBs will even have jobs next year. They need to shore up that committee something fierce.

Steelers (-3.5) over RAVENS

I used my last move on Najeh Davenport to start in place of the banged up and resting Joe Addai. Here’s hoping it pans out.

FALCONS (-3) over Seahawks

Seattle has nothing to really play for here and aren’t as good as anyone could lead you to believe.

Niners (+10) over BROWNS

If the Niners win, they play spoilers and ruin the Browns feel-good season. They also would give the Pats a worse pick in the upcoming draft. And 10 points is a bit much.

COLTS (+6.5) over Titans

I don’t care if it’s the backups or not. If I see the Titans giving points to the Colts, I’m taking them.

Vikings (-3) over BRONCOS

AP and CT will run rampant over the Broncos D while trying to secure their spot in the big dance.

Chargers (-8) over RAIDERS

Jamarcus Russell playing against the white-hot San Diego Chargers? Sorry kid, but I look forward to seeing you next year.

CARDINALS (+6) over Rams

Kurt Warner is playing for a job somewhere next year. He should continue his fine season against this weak Rams’ defence.

Chiefs (+6.5) over JETS

What an ugly match up. Has there every been a least interesting match up? There’s no fantasy guys involved, no playoff ramifications; just plain bad football.

Last week: 3-11-1
This season: 103-110-1

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