January 2, 2008

College bowl mania!

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

I have to admit it: when it comes to the bowl time of the year for college football, I’m usually more excited than I am now. This college season seems like a dud to me despite some great stories like Notre Dame sucking and the Appalachian State upset at Michigan. I just don’t really care about any of the teams or players this season. There’s no true number one or two in my mind and I feel that hurts the game. Both Ohio State and LSU are flawed and have lost but are competing for the BCS crown. I’m not interested in seeing a number one crowned when I know for a fact that they’ve actually lost to another team earlier on.

As for the BCS system as a whole, I have no quarrels with it. Sure it’s flawed and many would love to see a playoff system instituted in college ball, but if everyone has so much trouble picking two great teams to compete for number in one game, how in the world would they be able to pick the eight best? Imagine the controversy behind selecting the number eight seed out of all the one and two loss teams. At least if they did go to a playoff system, there wouldn’t be any more yearly columns condemning the BCS anymore. But then we’d all have to deal with BCS supporters clamouring for an about face. What a lose/lose situation the NCAA has here.

And what about the results so far this year? Well the only team I cared about (My Nebraska Huskers) didn’t make a bowl game and the other team I liked (Hawaii) just got absolutely murdered at the hands of UGA. There’s always next year though.

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