January 6, 2008

Wild Card weekend

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

What a great finish to the Jacksonville – Pittsburgh game. First, Big Ben leading his team back from 18 down to grab a one point lead. Then David Garrard marching the Jags down the field — including a sick fourth down scramble — to set up a gift-wrapped, chip-in field goal. If it weren’t for that failed two-point conversion that the Steelers botched, we would’ve seen a great overtime showdown. This game was the perfect example of why playoff football is better than any other type of game. The intensity, the physicality and the emotion were all topped up. Right down to Big Ben waiting around for Garrard to finish his post-game interview to congratulate him. You would never see Tom Brady even think about doing that.

Did anybody honestly think that Todd Collins would keep his hot hand going in Seattle, arguably one of the toughest places to visit in the NFL? There was a reason why this guy was riding the pine for the past ten years. If you pinned your money on a 36-year old back up quarterback against a team that is somewhat good, you might be an idiot.

I’m just going to bring this up briefly because I’m sure I could go on about this for a long, LONG time; Bill Belichick winning the coach of the year award is every bit as despicable as Shawne Merriman making the Pro Bowl last year after being suspended for steroid use. How does someone who was caught cheating and admitted to it awarded for his work? Anyone who voted for Belichick should mark down Barry Bonds on their hall of fame ballot when it comes in the mail. Thanks for supporting cheating everyone.

The man who deserved to the coach of the year the most was Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy. What he’s done with the youngest team in the league is nothing short of remarkable. Jacksonville’s Jack Del Rio deserves some credit as well for his fine job in Jacksonville and Tony Dungy has had a lot of injuries to deal with this season and still has Indy on the right course.

As for today’s games:

BUCS (-3) over Giants

Eli Manning on the road, more than likely playing without his usual starting centre is not good for the Giants of New York. They do have a chance if Elisha can limit his turnovers and their powerful defensive line can knock around Jeff Garcia which is entirely possible considering the Bucs are on their third string left tackle now. But Garcia has a habit of beating the Giants in the playoffs and I see that continuing.

Titans (+10) over San Diego

The way I see it is that Tennessee actually hung with the Chargers in San Diego a few weeks back and legitimately could have won the game. I also think that it would be better for the Titans if Kerry Collins starts in place of Vince Young. But, I really don’t believe that the Titans can actually win this game. I just think ten points is too much to be giving in this match up.

This week: 1-0-1
This season: 111-117-10

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