January 7, 2008

Wild Card Wrap

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

The Chargers didn’t even need a big day from LaDainian Tomlinson to defeat the overmatched Titans. 42 yards on 21 carries is not your average day from LDT and had Vince Young not sucked it up, the outcome may have been in his team’s favour. But how different would this game have been if Pacman Jones was allowed to play? Having a good corner out there like him could have made the difference in stopping Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson down-field.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Bucs did pretty much everything they could to give Elisha and Co. the win and the right to face Dallas next week. After looking strong — nearly unbeatable — in the first quarter, Tampa Bay proceeded to fall apart and placed the game nicely in Manning’s lap. The Bucs shoddy offensive line did little-to-nothing in trying to the stop the Giants’ pass rush which looked unspottable.

Now, do I believe in Elisha now that’s he’s won on the road in the playoffs? Hell no. I’m probably jinxing it by saying this but Dallas should tear him a new one next week. I’m looking forward to — for the first time in my memory — a team beating a rival three times in one season. And let’s all remember that the only road game that New York lost this season was in Dallas.

This week: 1-2-1

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