January 8, 2008

The Clemens mess

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Despite everything that’s been written — in and out of the Mitchell report — I believe Roger Clemens. After all, are we not supposed to believe that people are innocent until proven guilty? This stance has nothing to do with a personal bias either. While I do like Clemens and consider him the best pitcher to ever toe the slab, I’d like to see some proof before hanging him.

Now that he’s filed a defamation lawsuit against the man who pointed the finger at him, Brian McNamee, we will actually get to see this whole scenario play out in a court of law. If Clemens is indeed innocent, he will be vindicated. If he loses the lawsuit and lies on the stand about his use of banned substances, then he could be facing a perjury indictment a la Barry Bonds.

And why couldn’t Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes ask the best question that a lot of people want to know: “Roger, why would your supposed friend try to frame you for this?” That’s the one thing that could get me to turn against Clemens. There’s no ‘why’. Where is the motive? We will hopefully find out soon and get this out of the way before it takes press away from the upcoming season. A long dragging case will only hurt the game of baseball further.

But out of all of this one thing is certain: This situation, as a whole, was very poorly handled.

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