January 15, 2008

Apples for apples

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

It looks like both Troy Glaus and Scott Rolen passed their physicals and are now on their way to their new teams. Glaus is headed back to the NL to play third base for the Cardinals while Rolen will team up with fellow Blue Jay newcomer and former Cardinal teammate David Eckstein. This trade is a great “in need of new surroundings” trade and when you look at the two players involved, they’re pretty much the same. “Apples-for-apples,” a coworker called it. The only real differences between the traded players are that Glaus may hit a few more home runs while Rolen is a superior defender.

Both Glaus and Rolen should do well in their new homes. Glaus will figure to play better on St. Louis’ grass field and his time missed due to injuries should decrease. Rolen will play better since he won’t have to deal with Tony LaRussa, who he had a very public falling out with over the past year.

The only real question left is how will Rolen adapt to American League pitching? Glaus already spent time with Arizona and should have a rough idea about some staffs but Rolen will be starting fresh. The Jays better hope he’s a quick study considering their competition.

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