January 16, 2008

Are you serious?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Just when I thought Pacman Jones might be back on the right track, he goes out and does something incredibly stupid again. A Tennessee woman is seeking an arrest warrant on Jones, alleging that he punched her at a strip club. Why is Pacman back at strip club? The last notably time he was there, he made it rain money and then someone was shot outside the club. Now he’s (allegedly) punching people? And a woman no less? If this story comes out to be true, who do you think will be back in the NFL first? Pacman Jones or Michael Vick? If he shows up in New Orleans for NBA all-star weekend, it may very well be Vick who’s back first.

It’s also funny how my headline didn’t have to change even though i wrote it when it applied to a story about the possibility of Tom Brady retiring after a 19-0 season and fourth Super Bowl win to spend time with his kid and girlfriend (who live on opposite coasts).

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