January 18, 2008

Tejada’s troubles

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Life may be getting a ton more complicated for Miguel Tejada and the Houston Astros. While he’s currently being investigated regarding his 2005 testimony and whether he lied or not the feds regarding the steroid scandal, he may lose his green card or even worse spend 15-20 months in jail.

The trouble stems from a 2005 interview when Tejada had told government officials that he had never used steroids, know nothing about them and didn’t know anyone who had used before.

Tejada’s situation is actually quite similar — oddly — to what happened Martha Stewart. Both lied when they were originally questioned and now that the truth has come to light, consequences must be paid. So how bad would it be if the Astros, who just traded a bunch of players and prospects to acquire Miggy, couldn’t pencil him into the lineup for a long while. Adam Everett must be liking his chance of getting on the field this season.

Finally, what terrific foresight on behalf of the Baltimore Orioles for getting rid of Tejada before the Mitchell report pointed a finger at the former AL MVP. Whoever thought that the Orioles would make a legitimately smart move?

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