January 18, 2008

The Intern’s Hard Wood: Jan 13-18

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

This has been a very black-is-white, up-is-down kind of week in the NBA. You have the Knicks on a three-game winning streak; the Celtics drop three of their last five games and a case of a testicular tumour. I don’t know how but the Knicks of scraped together a three-game streak which started with a whupping on the Pistons at the Gardens. I know, I know the Pistons were on the tail end of four games in five nights but come on; the Knicks have as much chemistry as Tommy girl and Katie Holmes. In other Hotlantic news the Boston Celtics have shown a few kinks in what seemed like impregnable armour. Before beating the new-age Trail Blazers, the Celtics had dropped three of their last four. It started with an ugly loss to the Bobcats – yeah, I know – and finished with back-to-back losses to the Arenas-less Wizards. Also coming out of the Atlantic division is Jamario Moon getting an invitation to this years’ dunk comp. This really has my goat going or really has my goat or some other saying which involves a goat. Jamario is an incredible leaper and has the potential to put Toronto back on the NBA map and make the Raptors relevant in the NBA scene in the wake of the VC era. Also, CB4 got a much deserved player of the week. Everyone has now seen Bosh’s All-Star video, let’s get this guy to the Big Easy. In other news around the NBA Nene had a tumour removed from his testes-satchel. This guy seriously can’t catch a break. In the past 3 season he’s only played 120 games due to knee complications and only 12 games this season. He is also pulling in a cool $9 mill this season. No wonder Denver has one of the highest payrolls in the NBA. Other injury related news this week is Andrew Bynum being sidelined for 2 months with a dislocated kneecap and bruised knee bone. This is a major hit to the Lakers. They are now minus their best rebounder and interior defender. While watching the Lakers – Suns game last night, it seems like Phil Jackson is trying to use Kwame Brown to fill the void. It is not working as hoped. In the third quarter, he almost has a double-double with points and turnovers and a botched dunk. As of right now every time he touches the ball the whole Staples Center is booing him. It feels like a Knicks game. Also everyone should go out this weekend and check out Cloverfield in its B-horror goodness. Intern out

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