January 20, 2008

The week before the bye week

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

With the Super Bowl around the corner, I don’t think I’ve ever been looking past the conference championships more. Unless something happens and there is an upset, this week is a forgone conclusion with the favourites easily defeating the feisty underdogs.

PATRIOTS (-14) over Chargers
There is way too much going against the Chargers in this one. Let’s make a list:
—LDT, Gates and Rivers are all injured and won’t be at 100% on Sunday.
—If Rivers and LDT can’t go, or even finish the game if they start it, you’re looking at Billy Volek and the unsensational Michael Turner trying to guide the Bolts’ offence.
—Norv Turner is facing off against Bill Belichick.
—A southern California team is playing in New England in January weather.
—The Patriots beat up on the Chargers when San Diego visited earlier this season.
—San Diego’s strength in pass rushing could be negated if the weather and field are bad enough.
—The Chargers are among the worst teams in the league in covering slot receivers while New England is one of the best teams at hitting them.
And if those aren’t reason enough, do you not think that everyone will want to see the Brett Favre vs. Tom Brady Super Bowl? Of course they do, even more so than a Patriots loss this week.
PACKERS (-7) over Giants

Do you honestly, deep in your heart, believe that Elisha Manning can win in Lambeau against the immortal Brett Favre? Well I certainly don’t. The Giants’ run has been nice but seriously, the Patriots need some competition in the Super Bowl and the Giants would not be able to provide that. Also, I really do not want to read any Brady vs. Manning stories for the next two weeks even if it means an unfathomable amount of pieces comparing Favre and Tom and their places in history.

Last week: 2-1-0
Playoffs: 3-2-1

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