January 22, 2008

Talk about heart

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Criticize Philip Rivers all you want for his play against the Patriots on Sunday but when you’re doing so, keep in mind that he was playing with a torn ACL for the entire game. That’s right; many people would be screaming in pain with an injury like that but Rivers gutted out an entire game against the Patriots and if their red zone offence had clicked a bit better and hadn’t settled for field goals, the Chargers might be taking on the Giants in XLII.

In fact, he actually went under the knife earlier in the week just to be able to play in Foxboro. That takes a lot of guts and when you figure in how much long-term, even career threatening, damage could’ve happened to him, you have to credit the kid’s heart and desire to play the game.

Elsewhere, Tony Dungy is returning to coach the Colts next year. Since he’s already enrolled his kids in school in the Tampa area, you have to wonder how much his head will be in the game next season. If the Colts get hit with injuries next year the way they were this past season, Dungy may not have the right mindset to guide his team the way he did. If he’s not going to give 110% to Indianapolis, it might actually be better to step aside and let Jim Caldwell take over now instead of waiting for Dungy’s exit.

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