January 29, 2008

Report: Reports aren’t always accurate

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

I’m taking a stand right now to not get riled up about reading anything that begins with “report:” any more. After reading a report stating that Orioles ace Eric Bedard had been dealt to the Seattle Mariners, the newsroom where I work went aflutter, trying to find out if it was true and trying to find someone to write about it before deadline. Well, apparently it’s not even close to going through for one simple reason: the guy who runs the team hadn’t even heard about it yet and certainly didn’t ok the move.

Does the Bedard trade make sense? Sure it does. The Orioles would be in full rebuilding mode and still may even be able to beat out the Rays for fourth in the AL east. Actually, if the trade had gone through, the headline here would have been something like ‘Jays clinch third in AL east.’ Or something to that effect.

The package Baltimore is reportedly getting from Seattle includes Adam Jones who is seen as a terrific outfield prospect. The Mariners gain a good young ace to complement King Felix and they could dethrone the Angels and win the AL west with the Bedard addition.

But, this is probably not going to happen because Bedard is a guy that Peter Angelos covets; but then again so was Miguel Tejada who’s lacing up his cleats for the Astros next season.

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