January 31, 2008

BoSox, Yanks lose sweepstakes

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

I would like to extend a big thank you to the Minnesota Twins for a) not dealing one of the best pitchers in the MLB to the Yankees or Red Sox (especially Boston — could you imagine a Santana-Beckett front end?) and b) getting said pitcher out of the AL entirely.

With Johan headed to Shea, where he will no doubt anchor the Mets to the playoffs for the next few seasons barring some sort of curse, he is set to be better than ever. Imagine the best pitcher, especially a lefty, in an inferior league with a good defence behind him and a good offence supporting him.

The Twins now will have to work hard to impress their fan-base which should be devastated after giving away yet another one of their stars to a major market. It really makes no sense to get rid of Santana without putting in an honest effort to keep Torii Hunter or Carlos Silva for when they open a new stadium for the 2009 season. A lot will be resting on the surgically repaired elbow of Francisco Liriano.

The only concerns I have at this point are how Santana will be at the plate and whether the Mets will have a solid future after dealing four prospects. But anybody can be taught how to bunt, right? And the Mets can just continue signing guys while keeping around their home-grown talents (Reyes and Wright).

And these “KKKKKing of Queens” headlines regarding Johan Santana’s arrival at Shea must die now. Every once in a while something as “clever” as that head graces the pages of every sports-related site on the ‘net and it becomes instantly sickening. So can we be a little more creative guys? Aren’t you being paid to do so? Thanks in advance should you heed my advice.

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