February 1, 2008

The Intern’s Hard Wood: All-star teams ‘08

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Amongst all the Super Bowl hoopla this week, the NBA all-star reserves were announced. While going through the list, the obvious first thing I noticed was that one of my favourites, Jose Calderon got the royal shaft and was not named to the team. This got me thinking who else is on the All-Snub team. Definitely the biggest travesty is Hedo Turkoglu not being an All-Star. He is putting up career stats and is one of the biggest reasons why Orlando is third in the East and so far this season he has already nailed three game-winning buckets. But alas, Joe Johnson got the nod even though his Hawks are six games under .500. In the west,two players also on the snub list are Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson. Both players are having great seasons and I would love to see Captain Jack and The Baron as All-Stars but in a conference with an overabundance of talent, it’s inevitable that there will be some would-be all-star casualties. But really who would you omit. The obvious choice would be David West, but in all honesty, he is having a fantastic season and the Hornets are the top team in the west. Plus the All-Star game is being played in New Orleans. He gets my vote (also, I have him on my fantasy team).

In other news around the NBA Jason Kidd has openly admitted he wants out of the swamp. Right now Dallas seems to be in the lead in the J-Kidd sweepstakes. We shall see in the upcoming weeks were this future Hall of Famer will end up.

The Spurs acquired former Memphis Grizzlies point guard Damon Stoudamire. This is a very good signing considering their current back up point guard is Jacque Vaughn and seriously it’s pretty hard to get worse then Jacque. Well, then again, there’s always Darrick Martin. Intern Out

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