February 8, 2008

Win some, lose some: The Toronto Bills

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Hey, remember that feature I did once before? Well it’s back! What’s there to debate this time? The Bills have put together an agreement — originally reported months ago, finalized Wednesday — to bring the Buffalo Bills to Toronto to play a total of eight games over the next five years. Five games will be regular season tilts while three will be boring preseason games that matter nothing to anyone except players desperately trying to make the roster or upgrade their depth chart position.

The winners here? Football fans worldwide. This move could be the first in the a long line of steps towards putting a team in Toronto, or an international location. While it’s not exactly feasible to put a team in Europe right now, settling a franchise in Canada, or maybe Mexico, would be beneficial to the league — which is always looking to grow the product.

Fans from both Buffalo and Toronto are winners here considering that while Toronto Bills fans won’t have to venture south of the border, the Buffalo-natives get to road trip and see their favourite team in a different locale. It’s not like Bills season ticket holders are losing out either, they get first dibs at tickets.

The losers here? Something called the CFL (Canadian Football League) which seems to think they would go bankrupt if the NFL invaded their borders. This could actually be a real possibility. If you were a Canadian football fan and watched a severely higher quality game at a stadium where a CFL team plays, you could realize just how crappy the quality of play is in the league. It wouldn’t be too shocking if a CFL ticket holder would rather save up and watch a better product than have to sit through an Argonauts-Eskimos game.

Another group of people who might be a loser in this case is the people of Buffalo. It has been stated that after Ralph Wilson passes — sadly, it may not be too far off — that the team will be up for grabs. If the team pulls in a good chunk of money during this experiment, why wouldn’t a group of Toronto investors try to take the team up north. We’ll have to wait for ol’ Ralphie on that one though.

The verdict here: Unless you’re living in the city of Buffalo and a die-hard Bills or are a pessimistic CFL enthusiast, the Bills playing in Toronto is a great idea.


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