February 14, 2008

Clemens cooking

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

After a few hours worth of testimony to the grand jury along with accuser/former trainer Brian McNamee, Roger Clemens’ public image is not looking very hot. He’s cooking, but not in the good way. One could even say his pants are literally on fire. It would explain why he came off as nervous when being grilled about his accused use of Human Growth Hormone and steroids.

And his death-stares and McNamee were so chilling one could have thought that somebody’s — either Clemens or McNamee — head would explode from the sheer force being exerted in that look.

But the all-time word of the hearing had to “misremember.” It could be used in a sentence like: “Andy Pettitte misremembers some things.” Hilarious. It might even be construed as smack-talking since Clemens may be updating his Christmas card list when you consider that Pettitte’s under-oath claims that Clemens admitted to him that he used HGH are VERY damning.

There isn’t much known for 100% truth in the situation still but if there’s one thing that we do now know, it’s that somebody may be going to prison. All of these depositions were under-oath in a court and, as we know from the Barry Bonds indictment on perjury, you cannot tell a lie to the government without them getting their retribution. The U.S. government do not like looking like fools, despite who their leader is.

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