February 15, 2008

Win some, Lose some: Jason Kidd’s non-trade

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

With the news of Jason Kidd apparently heading to the Mavericks – up to the point that he left the Nets and actually got on a plane to Dallas – and then the subsequent blocking of the trade by Devean George, why not do a little win some-lose some about the whole situation?

Win some: Devean George. Congratulations on keeping that starting job in Dallas until Josh Howard returns from injury. Well, even if you’re not traded, you might not be holding unto that spot for long if you keep up 0-for-11 performances like the one you did just hours after blocking the trade on Wednesday.

The NBA. David Stern is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief now that he won’t have to figure what to do about the all-star rosters. Had the Kidd trade gone through, it would have made him the first player to be a voted starter to switch conferences after making the game. Would he play for the West? Does someone on the West get booted? Who fills in on the East? Who starts for the East? Do the East get a 13th player now that the West gets Kidd? These are questions that would’ve dogged Stern that he no longer has to deal with.

Lose some: The New Jersey Nets. They would’ve got a lot of cap room to build around and a young point guard who could one day be a star (not quite superstar) in the league. Also, sadly, in the East, you don’t even have to be a .500 team to make the playoffs it’s starting to look like.

Jason Kidd. We all know that he wants out of the swamp and getting to play with Dirk instead of cry baby Vince Carter surely would’ve put a huge smile on his face. He’d also get even further away from his trifling ex.

Jerry Stackhouse. Reports are that the Nets would have bought him out, leaving him free to rejoin the Mavs in 30 days. A 30 day, midseason vacation? Sounds like something Shaq has been doing the past few years.

Jose Calderon. With Ray Allen being named to replace the injured Caron Butler already, there would be no doubt that the Raptors point guard would’ve made his first all-star squad. Seriously, who else would play the point on that team?

On the fence: The Dallas Mavericks. Sure they would have Jason Kidd, but who knows how that would have turned out. It’s not like Devin Harris was bad or anything and they will be getting Stack back in 30 days, but there would’ve effectively been no future in Big D. Without their emerging, young PG and giving up two first-round picks (regardless of draft position), this team could fall apart easily down the road with team’s age after adding Kidd and if Dirk can’t sustain his play.

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