March 5, 2008

Enter Aaron Rodgers

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

Trust me, it’s not too often that big news happens on a Tuesday. Seriously, look at the archives and see if anything significant really happened on a Tuesday. Please note, I’d probably post it on a Wednesday. But an event like this; an event several years in the making has come to fruition: Brett Favre has retired from pro football. An era has ended.

Everywhere you look you can find a story about how great Brett Favre is/was so I won’t delve too far into that. The real question that should be asked is: Can Aaron Rodgers led the Packers? The one game I can point to this season, when he played was against the Cowboys when Rodgers looked every bit as good as the Brett when Favre had to be replaced because of an injury.

But in almost chance that Rodgers has had to play, he’s gotten injured it seems. In terms of durability, he’s like an anti-Favre. Durability is essential to becoming a top-flight quarterback in the NFL; it’s one of the reasons why Favre was one of the best ever.

And how about this: Eli Manning ended both the Patriot’s dynasty, undefeated season and Brett Favre’s career. That’s quite the resume. If he wasn’t playing for the Giants, I’d be tempted to call him a giant killer.

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