March 7, 2008

Save the Sonics!

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

Over at, Bill Simmons has been campaigning to keep the SuperSonics in Seattle for a few weeks now. It’s an admirable cause and seriously should be on the tips of more peoples’ tongues. The fact that they could be leaving town after a 41-year stay makes no sense. And basically, it’s all because their owner doesn’t think the arena there is good enough. Also, he wants to move the team to his hometown of Oklahoma City.

Granted, I see nothing wrong with moving a team to, or maybe even expanding to, Oklahoma City. They proved they can support a team when they had the Hornets following hurricane Katrina. But stealing a team from a city with loyal fans is border-line despicable. Why not move a team that’s struggling for support in their market? How about taking the Grizzlies or Bobcats or even the Hornets away from their cities that are giving them fledgling support at best? It makes more sense than stripping Seattle of the team that gave the city its’ only championship.

The fact that David Stern is sitting on his hands, doing nothing at all, makes this whole situation worse. What makes it exceedingly worse is the fact that he’s stated

There was some good news yesterday though: A group of local investors have upped their bid to buy the team as well as refurbish KeyArena in order to keep the team in town. Of course, it probably won’t happen, sadly, because the NBA seems more concerned about screwing over Seattle and its’ fans than saving them.

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