March 11, 2008

D-Wade done

by Dan Bilicki In: Basketball

In suitable fashion, Dwyane Wade has been shut down for the season by the Miami Heat. I’m surprised it wasn’t sooner. The Heat are doing everything they can to increase their shot at winning the lottery and drafting first overall to get Michael Beasley.

The truth is that Wade should not having been playing the amount of minutes he did. He’s probably put more mileage and wear on his body than any player I know with his amount of experience. And now he may suffer more and more injuries throughout the rest of his (probably shortened) career.

He battled back from a separated shoulder that was actually much worse than anybody could have imagined. His knee has already been surgically repaired (and now he can fully rehab it). Are those two qualities you want in your superstar guard whose best ability is being able to get to the basket?

It was the right move to shut him down, but it came too late. Hopefully he can rework his game to stop barreling down the lane and risking injury. Whether or not that will keep his name among the elite is questionable. But his name might be on a flamed-out-too-young list if he keeps playing wreckless.

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