March 13, 2008

Pacman a Cowboy?

by Dan Bilicki In: Football

So the nefarious Adam “Pacman” Jones — of strip club and making it rain fame — has come out and said that if he’s reinstated by the NFL, he’d want to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe I’m overlooking all of the obvious setbacks to having a personality like Pacman on the team, but he would fill a crucial spot on the Cowboys roster. The other side of the field — the half that Terrence Newman can’t shut down — Dallas has been lacking a quality corner for years now. In fact, Jacque Reeves, who played there most of last season, was the most thrown at corner in the NFL. Sure, it’s mainly because you want to throw away for Newman, but you don’t want a guy who can be picked on like that. Pacman, most people forget, was an all-pro calibre corner before he was involved in strip club-related incidents.

And you know what, if he can swing it, Jerry Jones may just be crazy enough to go for Pacman. He did make a run at Randy Moss this off-season.

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