March 14, 2008

Crystal clear

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

In case you haven’t heard, the New York Yankees are taking spring training so seriously that they signed comedian Billy Crystal to a one-day contract. Seems the team is taking a fantasy camp approach instead of, say, training seriously and getting ready to try to dethrone the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox.

Crystal, who looked surprisingly good during batting practice the day before, actually worked the count to 3 and 1 before going down swinging. And he did make contact, fouling a ball down the first base line. Now, how embarassed would Paul Maholm (an average major league pitcher) be if a 60-year-old comedian had gotten a hit off of him? Would he be sent to the minors immediately? I certainly wouldn’t want a guy like that on my squad.

While the big news may have been regarding Billy’s hoopla, Mike Mussina pitched a great game. A perfect five innings in fact. Granted, it was against the Pittsburgh Pirates though. Let’s take that at face value during our fantasy drafts.

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