April 1, 2008

Opening day, v 3.0

by Dan Bilicki In: Baseball

Sure you could count the A’s-Red Sox series in Japan as the MLB’s 2008 opener. Or you could count Sunday night’s tilt between the Nationals and the Braves has the beginning. But yesterday was truly Opening Day for the season. With 26 teams slated to be in action, it was truly when baseball took off for the year.

It was a soggy day in New York, meaning the Yanks and Jays couldn’t open their season. The same can be said for the Cardinals and Rockies who started out their game before it was called in the third. It was a good thing for the Rockies who were down 5-1 when it happened (I’m glad this isn’t going to count towards Jeff Francis’ stat line).

The Rays official lost the Devil and won their first opener on the road in seven years. It was just against the Orioles who, after trading away their top talents, is pretty much at the Rays’ level.

There were a few extra inning thrillers like the wild 12 inning affair that saw the Pirates spoil Tom Glavine’s home-coming. There was the Brewers dealing the Cubs a loss after Chicago had ceremonies honouring Ernie Banks. Then there was the Royals showing the Tigers that money can’t buy wins.

Joe Torre won his debut while Dusty Baker lost his. Seattle won its first game with Eric Bedard on the hill and Minnesota entered the post-Johan and Torii era with a win over Hunter’s new squad, the Angels.

All in all, even after just one full day, it’s looking like it’ll be a good season of baseball.

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